Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crossed "Old Man River"

As of 2:31, Jim had completed the Rumble on the River paddle.  His SPOT checked in from the landing at the Lewis and Clark State Memorial Park in Illinois.  Yahoo!   A good job well done!  A good friend here in Fairview said she couldn't believe anyone would voluntarily subject themselves to such an endeavor.  Anyone knowing Jim well knows how much he loves being on the water, but even this trip must have been a bit much for him - what with the heat, distances, noisy nights and the strain of a single paddler trying to keep up with tandem canoes being pushed by multiple paddlers.  We'll see how he feels tomorrow!  CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Rumble on the River group, especially to Jim from me!  We've paddled and sailed a lot of miles together and I'm glad he has the gumption and opportunity to continue enjoying what he loves best - being on the water!

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