Monday, February 6, 2012

No Joy

When we did the double Trans-Atlantic following Columbus' route in 1992, and spent the summer in Spain, I did a regular mailing, which amounted to a blog, and never had a minute's trouble.  Of course I typed it, copied it, and mailed it.  Never a glitch.  But computers are supposed to make life so much easier.  I came home from the Keys Challenge, spread out all the charts, my notes, picture files, and spent a whole week doing the blog text.  Now I have no access to any of my material. 

I took the disc to the library, but couldn't do anything with it.  The librarian tried, and had no luck with it.  She called her computer man, George.  He tried it and said the files were "corrupted."  He could access the blog material from 2010, from 2011, but not the current material that I had tried to open on the laptop.  I know it was on there when I downloaded it,  but apparently while trying to open it on the laptop, the laptop ate my homework.  Life was so much sweeter and less stressful when it was my dog that ate my homework.  For one thing, I have little expectation of living long enough to master computers.

Unless I'm somehow struck with a bolt of genius (little expectation of that either), the blog on the Florida Keys Challenge will continue when my desktop gets its new power supply and is returned with all my files

Jean suggested I write on something else in an effort to hold everyone's interest in the meanwhile.  I'll pull one of the logbooks from the shelf and give that a try.  I hope you find it of some interest even though it will be without pictures.  I regret the break in the Keys Challenge coverage, but there's apparently nothing more that I can do.

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