Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Boatbuilding Wood

I have a huge inventory of wood accumulated for quality boatbuilding and cabinetry in teak, cherry, and white oak. Wanting to build a storage system for Ibi, it would sit where the wood is now located, so the wood has to go. It is beautiful wood, so I’ve been reluctant to see it go, and I’ve spent a fortune hauling it all over the country. The cherry, for example, was harvested in Northern New York State, air dried in Delaware, moved with us to Florida, and then cross-country to Oklahoma. All I knew was that I had a lot of it. However, I would be lost if the inevitable question arose as to exactly how much there is, so this week has been spent calculating the board feet for each piece of each species. It came to 330 bd.ft. of teak, 70 bd.ft. of white oak, and 1,012 bd.ft. of cherry. There are also a few random pieces of sitka spruce and walnut. The rest of the week will be spent restacking it all so I can get the Ram back in the garage. So, if you are looking for quality wood at unbeatable prices, here’s your chance.

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