Friday, July 29, 2011

River Access Rights

Credit: Steve Dunleavy

There has been a lot of discussion, argument, even court battles over who owns the rivers, who has the right to gain access to them, and who has the right to claim them as personal property and deny their use to others. Attempts have been made to post rivers with no trespassing signs, string cables and storm fencing across them, and even sabotage their use by stringing barbed wire both above and below the surface with total disregard for the risk of injury or death of those who try to float past the obstructions. Canoe & Kayak Magazine published an article about a paddler that dared to force his rights of public access, and ended up being sued and taken to court. The editors invited anyone with a view on this problem, that they would like to express, should email them to:

Brian, “Capt’n of the “O” Dark 30”, posted the National River Law on his blog. It can be accessed with the Favorite Blogs link in the right margin, and by checking his July 19 post. It is probably something you’d even want to copy and keep accessible.

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