Monday, November 22, 2010

Life's all about change!

This is a period of transition, so things may go slowly at first. I’ve been a coastal and ocean sailor all my life, having traveled a bit over 117,000 miles. But as you’ve heard, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. Oklahoma was never in my plans, but  like it or not, life took us to Oklahoma, about as far from real water as you can get. Several years have been spent trying to continue sailing, but dragging a boat 3,000 miles round trip to reach water just isn’t reasonable, so I began looking for options. Being off the water was not going to be one of the options, so changing the craft of choice to better suit my new reality became essential.
We’ve paddled off and on for 47 years, but just as a family recreational pastime. We first had a 13-ft. fiberglass Papoose, and in 1973, a friend from work, David Sockrider, and I built two canoes, one for each of us. The picture in the header is a 17-ft. Micmac stripper canoe that has served us well for 37 years. The goal is to become as serious about paddling as we were about sailing, to sharpen our skills, and broaden our paddling horizons.
Welcome aboard. Join in for whatever happens.

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